Ralf Rangnick

As the former director of sports and coach of RB Leipzig, Ralf Rangnick supported the club’s rise from the fourth tier Regionalliga to the Bundesliga in only five years. This success cannot be solely attributed to the club’s solid financial foundation. So, what was the reason for this extraordinary success?

Ralf Rangnick is a visionary and perfectionist. As such, he knows just how important a holistic approach, the consistent focus on one aim and the required perseverance are for success. In his presentations, Rangnick speaks about his personal experience on building and motivating teams. Learn how this knowledge can be transferred to other fields of business and social life.

Ralf Rangnick Talks

The best athlete is no good if he or she does not serve the team with their full range of skills: How to become successful through competence and passion.


    Developing and
    implementing visions


    Building companies and
    making them successful


    Building and
    leading teams


    Supporting and
    promoting talents




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